For repairs big or small, our expert, independent team will ensure the best possible result for your vehicle. Our fully equipped workshop is tooled with the latest equipment, including the digital Car-O-Liner system. This system features industry leading measurement software to ensure absolute accuracy in repairs.

Choice of Repairer?

When it comes to insurance and your classic, historic, vintage, custom or modified car, the words ‘Choice of Repairer’  in your policy could not be more important. Ensure you have this choice included in your policy if you’d like us to complete your insurance repairs.


We share a strong relationship with all reputable insurance companies, from the likes of Shannons and Famous to RACV and AAMI.

If you’ve got other repairs to your vehicle that won’t be covered by insurance, we are more than happy to carry out both private and insurance repairs at the same time, saving you time and getting your classic, historic, vintage, custom or modified car back on the road sooner.