No matter the properties of the material, we understand how to treat, manipulate and work with metal to achieve the desired result. It sounds simple in theory, but in practice, it’s nothing less than an art. Our capabilities range from the simplest of panel repairs, through to hand built, custom, coach-built panels and vehicle bodies.

Perhaps you’ve landed here because you’ve got a chassis or exhaust in need of a fabricator’s attention. Rust, accident damage, or simply tired in the case of the chassis? As far as automotive exhausts are concerned, perhaps you’re contending with rust, damage, a poor note, or you’ve got custom dreams of underbody pipework that is perfect for the front of a postcard or your next Instagram post.

We’re often contending with parts and componentry that are no longer produced, and exceptionally difficult to find. If you do find [insert part here], sometimes the condition leaves much to be desired.
That’s often where machining comes to the fore. From small modifications through to custom component manufacture, our tooling and equipment, and skilled tradespeople can yield a result that not only saves time, but also a superb, quality result.

And we can’t forget the world of custom suspension. You might be looking at air bags, coil overs or possibly replacing a tired old leaf suspension setup with a four link. Perhaps you require or desire custom wheel tubs or modifications to internal sheet metal?

You might know precisely what you’re after, or maybe you’re chasing some direction and advice. Either way, and on all counts, sing out!