There are many, many business’ out there that offer automotive refinishing services – complete or closed-door respray, schemed or custom effects, pearl or metallic refinishing…


What sets us apart?

We use what we believe to be the highest quality paint in the marketplace. Our partnership with Glasurit is long-standing, since day 1 of our humble beginnings, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But we recognise that a terrific product in the hands of a poor user rarely nets a great result. We know that preparation is ~98% determinant to the outcome’s success, the paint, just ~2%, (or thereabouts). Our preparation work, the time taken, the care, meticulous attention, it’s where our painting team comes into its own. We strive for nothing short of an exceptional finish, each and every time, and preparation is the most solid of foundations with which to achieve this.

When it comes time to laying down the colour, our application is second to none – with the right maintenance and care, the paint we apply to your vehicle will last a lifetime – guaranteed.