If you only know five things about us, know these:

We are passionate folk.

We are born and bred in the automotive industry.

We are so much more than ‘just another resto shop’.

We take immense pride in what we do, and strive to deliver the best result for the customer, every, single, time.

And we whole-heartedly love what we have the opportunity to create and achieve.


At our core are our people. We’re a diverse and creative bunch, with skills, knowledge and experience on a huge scale. If you’re after skin in the game, we’ve got it by the boot load.

Our restorations and services aren’t clinical. We do our research, plenty of homework, and take the best practice approach considered alongside and guided by the vision and desires of our customer. Each and every restoration is different to the next. We are flexible, creative, and we are problem solvers. We can start right from the beginning, with in house CAD design and clay modelling, or you can involve us relatively ‘late’, for paint or the astute finishing touches. Our experience is one of our strengths, but our ability to assess each vehicle as it stands before us is just as valuable. On larger projects, we strive to adopt the vision of the original designer. Sometimes that means recreating, sometimes it means stepping it up a notch or two.

The beauty and appeal of classic, historic, custom, and modified cars – it’s a special thing. Unique feelings are evoked. They sometimes occur when the engine leaps to life, sometimes occur when you’re flying along at more clicks than you probably should be.

Whatever your vehicle means to you, we take the time to understand, so that long after the keys are back in your hands, those feelings and the satisfaction of a job exceptionally well done remains.

Our biggest achievement to date has to be taking out “Best in Show’ at the 2019 Motorclassica Concours D’Elegance, with our very first entry, and the most stunning of vehicles – a 1959 Aston Martin DB II/IV Mk III. With this memory firmly in our minds, we progress forward.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving. What the future looks like, only time can truly tell. But for us, our next big step is in modernising classic, historic, custom or modified vehicles for a more comfortable and ethical ride, whilst promoting the ageless beauty of the body designs and retaining that ultimate “feel”. Since our inception into the industry, we have continuously evolved to suit our customers’ needs and desires, and this will not change.